Mosque Murder in New Zealand


Show your to support for our Muslim brothers and sisters in Delaware

Because we respect their faith and their right to practice it.
Because they, like the victims and survivors of hate in New Zealand, live in fear.
Because Unitarian Universalists show up. Bear witness. Bring love.
Because this must change. And we must change it.

A message from the Interfaith Vommittee of the Islamic Society of Delaware in Newark:

The tragic mosque shootings that occurred today in Christchurch, New Zealand has shaken our community to the core. Many innocent lives were lost in this senseless act of violence. While we are saddened by these events, we are also thankful for all the outpouring of support and love from members of other faiths.

Please join faith leaders, social justice activists, allies, friends, and other community members as we gather to mourn the victims of this horrific incident. 

LOCATION: Islamic Society of Delaware
28 Salem Church Rd, Newark DE 19713
DATE: Sunday, March 17, 2019
TIME: 6 – 7 PM

Pop-Up Carpool from First Unitarian Church. Meet at 5:00 pm in the Halstead Rd. parking lot. Depart promptly at 5;15 pm. Wear Standing on the Side of Love if you have it.

One thought on “Mosque Murder in New Zealand

  1. Thank you for this!!  My husband was just released from four days at Christiana Hospital, so I probably need to be here with him.  However, I will be with you in spirit and prayers, with many thanks to you for informing and organizing. Best regards, Nancy

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