Support Environmental Justice for Southbridge

DNREC Hearing on Slag Grinding Plant

6:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 20
Grantham Lane Building
715 Grantham Lane, New Castle, DE 19720

Marie Reed

Marie Reed, president of the Southbridge Civic Association (News-Journal Photo)

‘It’s our turn’:
Southbridge residents say they’re tired of
being a dumping ground.

By Jeanne Kuang

Marie Reed’s first thought when she heard a grinding company had plans to build an industrial facility in south Wilmington was, “Here we go again.”

Reed, president of the Southbridge Civic Association, knew she wasn’t alone. The whole neighborhood “has been through so much,” she said. “We’ve had enough.”

Previous attempts were made to put a state prison and facility that temporarily housed cattle in the neighborhood.

Since April, Southbridge residents have opposed Walan Specialty Construction Products’ plans at civic association meetings and a state hearing.

They say the facility would bring damaging environmental and health effects to a neighborhood already dotted with brownfields and industrial sites … read more

The First Unitarian Environmental Justice Task Force needs your help to support the community of Southbridge in its latest fight to save their neighborhood from yet another environmental threat. If you can attend this hearing, contact Deb Haskell for carpool infirmation:


One thought on “Support Environmental Justice for Southbridge

  1. The real question is how well will the facility do in containing the dust. What are the specs on their dust containment system and how will they monitor and report on its performance? What recourse do residences have if it performs below design specs?

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