Oppose HB 125, Delaware’s Renewed Death Penalty

cropped-UUDAN-new-logo_3ACT NOW.
Join the UU Delaware Advocacy Network and tell your state senator to oppose HB 125.

Delaware’s death penalty was deemed unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court in August, 2016. House Bill 125 was recently introduced to reinstate the death penalty in Delaware, and was passed by the House of Representatives on May 9.

The new Unitarian Universalist Delaware Advocacy Network (UUDAN), with members from all five UU congregations in the state, is now advocating in opposition to HB 125 in the Delaware Senate. If you are a Delaware resident, please visit the UUDAN Sign Up Page to join UUDAN.

Click here to join UUDAN and oppose the death penalty in Delaware.

Providing your address and clicking the “Submit Button” on this page will enable UUDAN’s powerful advocacy software to send you a direct link next week to your State Senator just as the bill is being considered. We’ll also guidance for both phone and email communications.

In the future, legislative advocacy communications will come directly from UUDAN, so sign up now! Visit the UUDAN website to find out more about our growing advocacy network.

Jack Guerin
UU Society of Mill Creek


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