Rising Hate: What To Do?

main_content_trump_graff_wideElection Stress / Rising Hate Talk:
Healing and Moving a Community Forward

Rev. Roberta Finkelstein will co-lead a special meeting
of the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow

 Monday, Dec. 5
6:00 pm
First & Central Presbyterian Church

 This discussion will be led by:

  • Rev. Roberta Finkelstein of First Unitarian Church
  • Rev. Dr. Lawrence Livingston of Mother African Union Church
  • Rev. Paula Maiorano of UU Church of Southern Delaware 

2dd366-20161110-maple-groveCome let your voice be heard as we work to develop solutions for our community 

Questions? Please contact Rev. Maiorano at paulamaiorano32@gmail.com or Joan Priest at joanwpriest@verizon.net.


The meeting will also include a special presentation by the Ivy Planning Group, the consulting firm assessing state employment disparity issues that were uncovered by Delaware Faith in Action with the support of the Interdenominational Ministers Action Council and the Coalition. The Ivy Group will provide and overview of their business—how they assess a client’s environment, types of recommendations from their findings, the role they play, and the impact they have on an organization.  


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