Tuesday: Stand on the Side of Love at UU Fellowship Newark

peaceforallMarch for Equality and Justice in Newark

The UU Fellowship of Newark’s Social Justice and Welcoming Congregation committees are organizing a march to support equality and justice for all in Newark. We want our community to know we are here and are a welcoming congregation.

We will gather at the UUFN (420 Willa Road, Newark, DE) on Tuesday, November 15,  at 6pm (and plan to be back at the UUFN by 8pm). We will walk up Elkton Rd, past the Deer Park to Old College (corner of College Ave and Main St) where we will rally until 7:30pm. We will walk down South College to West Park Place for the return trip. Please feel free to bring signs with positive messages and candles to light the way.

Please contact Tiffany Anders (Social Justice chair), Karen Barker (Welcoming Congregation chair), Donna Shand (Board Member), or Rachael Coffey (Board President) if you have any questions or concerns.

Please invite friends, family, neighbors to join us. If you are part of any Social Justice organizations that might like to join us please feel free to invite them also.


Tiffany Anders – SocialJustice@UUFN.org
Karen Barker – WelcomingCong@UUFN.org
Donna Shand – Board@UUFN.org
Rachael Coffey – President@UUFN.org

Sign up and share the events page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/891159854317195/


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