UUUNO Intergenerational Seminar


Join the Planning Team for the UUUNO
Intergenerational Seminar on Ending Armed Violence
April 5–8, 2017

Members of First Unitarian Church will remember the visit and sermon by Bruce Knotts, director of the UU United Nations Office. Now there’s an opportunity to help the UUUNO plan an intergenerational seminar next spring on Interfaith Action to End Armed Violence. Topics will include:

  • Reducing gun violence and the proliferation of small arms;
  • Nuclear disarmament and the abolition of other weapons of mass distruction;
  • Use of unmanned drones;
  • Chemical and biological weapons;
  • Strengthening global peace and security.

youth_empowerment_2The UUUNO is now recruiting volunteers to join the planning team.Whether you want to have a hand in choosing speakers and performers, or designing a publicity campaign to maximize the reach of our seminar, your voice can be key in making this year’s seminar the most inspiring, action-packed, and transformative one yet.

The UUUNO is seeking both youth and adults to join the planning committee for this life-changing intergenerational event. The planning committee meets weekly by phone starting in September until the seminar April 5-8, 2017.

To learn more and apply to be a member of the Planning Team, click here.

If you’re interested in a deeper leadership role and involvement, consider applying to be a Youth Dean or Adult Dean. The application deadline for deans is July 25th.


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