World’s Biggest Bag Ball?


For those of you who have been collecting those plastic bags you get at retailers in order to recycle them, First Unitarian’s children have a better plan! 

BYOB* Delaware has invited schools, churches, and other groups to collect clean, dry, gently used (not new!) plastic bags between now and April 23rd. On Saturday April 23rd, we’ll gather at the Riverfront in Wilmington to create the World’s Largest Plastic Bag Ball, aiming to set a Guinness World Record in order to raise awareness about plastic pollution. (*bags, guys, not bottles)

Anti-polybag-drive-upAnd inform people about HB202, to “clean up our communities and watersheds, reduce storm water and trash management costs to taxpayers, and promote the health and safety of watersheds and wildlife.”  (Summary of this bill.)

First Unitarian’s Questers (4th & 5th grades) decorated two bins which you will find in the Parish Hall. One bin is for collection of plastic bags. The second bin is for donation of reusable bags, which will be donated to a low-income community.

On April 23, we will join other churches, organizations, schools, individuals at Wilmington Riverfront to build the Guiness Book of Records World’s Largest Plastic Ball – made up of all the plastic bags collected between March 26 and April 22. We will represent First UU in delivering our collected plastic bags to the River Front to draw our legislators’ attention to he need to pass HB 202.

Let’s be part of this important event!


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