Support “Democracy Spring”

Democracy Spring

First Unitarian will host 20 marchers for Democracy Spring on Sunday night, April 3.


Serve dinner and breakfast, provide hospitality, do your part.

To volunteer: email the Connector.

UUs across the country are playing a leading role and mobilizing to be part of Democracy Awakening and Democracy Spring, April 2-18.

These two broad coalitions have joined together to stand up for voting rights and to get big money out of politics. We know that we cannot build Beloved Community without justice and without democracy.

First Unitarian Church will play its part by hosting a contingent of marchers as they pass through Wilmington on Sunday, April 3. But volunteers are needed to provide transportation and hospitality—and to prepare and serve dinner and breakfast. About 20 marchers will sleep that night in our Parish Hall.

To volunteer, email the Connector. Once we have 10-12 volunteers, we will get a green light from the Executive Team, which has already indicated its support of the action. The Board of Trustees will take up a resolution of support at its March meeting.

Democracy AwakeningDemocracy Spring and Democracy Awakening are taking a stand in this 2016 electoral cycle and intervening with a massive sit-in at the U.S. Capitol and days of action. We’re calling for Congress to pass the Congress of Conscience Agenda and to take the Equal Voice for All Pledge. The UUA and our partners at Faithful Democracy have endorsed both actions. Here’s the schedule:

  • On Saturday, April 2, Democracy Spring is holding a rally and launching a march from the Liberty Bell on Independence Mall in Philadelphia to Washington, DC.
  • Marchers will be hosted at UU Delaware County (Media, PA) on the night of April 2 and will arrive in Wilmington on April 3. First Unitarian Church will join a coalition of local churches slated to host groups of marchers.
  • Marchers will continue to Washington, arriving April 11, and be part of direct action sit-ins that include risk of arrest through April 16. More 2,000 people nationwide have already signed up to risk arrest. Non-violent direct action and civil disobedience training will be provided to all who participate.
  • On Saturday, April 16, from 1–6 pm, All Souls Unitarian Church, Washington, DC is hosting the Democracy Awakening Teach-In which will include workshops and direct action training. (For those arriving in the evening there will be a Democracy Forum from 7–9 pm at Stephen’s Church.)
  • On Sunday, April 17, there will be a massive rally in front of the Capitol, followed by a march around Congress and a multi-faith service and rally at Union Station. We will gather at 12:30 pm at 3rd St. NW in front of the Capitol. Look for our Standing on the Side of Love banners and wear your Love shirts!
  • Monday April 18th is the Congress of Conscience Day of Action.




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