Moral Witness Wednesdays

Moral Monday in Dover is now
Carpool leaves First Unitarian at 3:00 pm.

Moral Witness Flier

This is tactical change in the Moral Mondays Movement that will put us at Legislative Hall when members of the General Assembly are actually in Dover. 

This Wednesday is the first—and perhaps the most crucial—public witness for #JUSTICENOW and #REPEAL. Capital punishment is fundamentally incompatible with building a culture of peace in our community. This pillar of state violence must be brought down!

SB 40, which ends Delaware’s racially biased and morally repugnant death penalty, will likely be reconsidered this week in the Delaware House. The Senate approved SB 40 in 2015 and Governor Markell has pledged to sign the bill when it is passed by the General Assembly.

This is the moment. Your presence and voice are needed. If you have not been a witness for justice, now is the time.

Meet at 4:30 Wednesday at 209 State Street.  Carpool leaves First Unitarian Church (back parking lot) at 3:00 pm. Contact Jeff Lott if you plan to go. Wear Standing on the Side of Love clothing if you have it.

Can’t make it to Dover? Write your representative immediately in support of SB 40. Here’s a tool that makes it easy:

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