Black Lives : Black Panthers

Black Panthers VanguardI’m curious about the relationship between the Black Lives Matter movement and previous expressions of black power, especially the Black Panther Party.

I’ve been wanting to see the documentary film “Black Panthers: The Vanguard of the Revolution” ever since I heard director Stanley Nelson on Fresh Air last fall. Tomorrow night (Weds. Feb. 3), there is a rare opportunity to see the film at Delaware State as part of a symposium that includes Bobby Seale, one of the founders of the Black Panther Party. (Watch Trailer on YouTube)

Here’s a write-up on the symposium from the Dover Post:
BLM-SSLIs anyone else interested in going? The film starts at 6:00, so we would have to meet somewhere at 4:30 and carpool to Dover. Contact me: Jeff Lott. (I emailed the Black Lives Matter workshop people. Janet T. and Linda S. have already signed up.)
The Thursday events are also of great interest to me, and I may return to Delaware State Thursday morning for Seale’s lecture and the panel discussion, which includes some amazing academics and leaders.
If you can’t go but are still interested in Black Lives Matter, you might read this piece by Henry Louis Gates in today’s New York Times.

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