Movement for a Culture of Peace: Forum to Urge Action on Reports

This week, Movement for a Culture of Peace begins the new year with one of our most compelling forums to date. 

On Saturday, Jan. 9, we’ll look at two high-level reports received by Delaware and Wilmington officials in 2015 and ask what can be done to implement their recommendations. They are the Wilmington Public Safety Strategies Commission Report (April 2015) and the long-awaited report by the Centers for Disease Control (November 2015).
Secretary of Human and Social Services Rita Landgraf will preview her agency’s planned response to the CDC report. We will also hear from Daryl Chambers, a member of the Public Safety Strategies Commission, and two Wilmington state legislators, Sen. Margaret Rose Henry and Rep. Stephanie Bolden.
Our driving questions are: What still needs to be done to implement the high-level research and thinking that went into these important reports? What stands in the way? And what can the community do?
Saturday, Jan. 9
9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Hanover Presbyterian Church
1801 N. Jefferson St. (Corner 18th & Baynard Blve.)
Wilmington DE 19803

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