“Remarkable and Inspiring Things”

A Message from Interfaith Power and Light

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Dear Members & Creation Care Friends,

We are writing you today with fresh hope, with renewed commitment and a request for your partnership and financial support.

Our mission is to serve as a religious response to climate change, which we consider the defining moral issue of our times. That is because:

  • every day the news brings us troubling images of the latest evidence of a warming planet.
  • every person, every creature, every economy, every system will be impacted – by intensifying storms, fires, droughts, floods, heat waves, diseases, sea level rise.
  • the greatest and most imminent threats, as we’ve already seen, are to low-income and lowlying communities; which are most vulnerable to the impacts, least prepared to withstand the effects and least responsible for their causes.

And yet, some very remarkable and inspiring things are happening.

The Paris Climate talks (COP-21) just concluded, boasting the greatest gathering of world leaders in history!

There are 196 countries in the world. Negotiators from all 196 nations came together to unanimously approve a landmark climate agreement and have pledged specific climate actions. The entire WORLD is collaboratively responding to the crisis!

But the immensity of the challenge calls on all of us to be part of the solutions. And here at home, in Delaware, our collective congregations – each in their own way, inspired by their own faith – are embracing this moral imperative and taking action.

They are serving as energy resource centers and demonstration sites…They are forming stewardship teams and hosting energy seminars. They are planting community gardens, installing solar panels, distributing energy efficiency kits, and pledging individual acts of conservation.

They are meeting with legislators, promoting clean energy policies and advocating for resources for low-income communities. They are partnering with the neighborhoods they serve; promoting money savings, green job creation and healthier environments. And Delaware Interfaith Power and Light is serving them.

We understand that our best guarantee of addressing the challenges and achieving healthy, enduring solutions for climate change is getting there together as we promote partnerships, share resources, advocate for clean energy policies, instill hope and nurture faith in a better future for our children…and their children. They are depending on us.

We welcome your input and invite you to join our efforts. We ask for your most generous support. Contributions may be mailed to the address below or through our website www.delawareipl.org.

In faith and gratitude,

Lisa Locke, Executive Director
John Sykes, Board President

One thought on ““Remarkable and Inspiring Things”

  1. Jeff, Lisa and John,

    A great post on the Social Justice Connector! I’ve attached an item I just submitted today to our church’s electronic newsletter, QUEST, on the recently concluded Paris climate talks.

    With best wishes for the holidays,


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