Who Will Be a Guest at Your Table?

Refugees Duhok-Domiz 161

Courtesy of Rescue USA

Special Offering Tomorrow—
Don’t Forget the Refugees

Tomorrow is the day to make your contribution to Guest at Your Table, the annual grassroots fund drive of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

According to Rev. Bill Schulz, head of the UUSC, this year’s campaign is focused on the needs of the world’s millions of refugees:

This year Guest at Your Table highlights the empowerment of refugees and displaced people, which is one of UUSC’s major focuses as the world faces the greatest refugee crisis since World War II. As UUSC celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, we’ll look back to our origin: Martha and Rev. Waitstill Sharp began UUSC by helping European refugees escape persecution from the Nazis.

The recent response across the United States to the resettlement of Syrian refugees here is shocking and shameful. Where is our compassion? Where are our values?

Let’s stand on the side of love for all who suffer from oppression, be it from Nazis or ISIS.  Let’s have the biggest response in our congregation’s history to the Guest at Your Table drive. Bring your boxes to the service—and if your don’t have a box, bring your checkbook.

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