Thank You, First Unitarian

Dozens of you attended the March for a Culture of Peace


Thanks to everyone who came out to support yesterday’s second annual March for a Culture of Peace.

Elizabeth Siftar has posted a bunch of great photos on her Flickr Page.

Please send any additional photos to me for use in future Movement for a Culture of Peace media.

Jeff Lott

3 thoughts on “Thank You, First Unitarian

  1. I’m sort of an erstwhile FirstUer…my parents were active members in the early 70s before moving to MA (where I was dedicated UU as a baby) …I consider myself UU and attended FirstU occasionally about 6-8 years ago, but never joined, in part because I live in the Cool Spring community and have really been seeking a more local, grassroots fellowship in my community (much like City Church Wilmington has created, or Hockessin Baptist has done through its LOMA Coffee establishment).

    Anyway – it made me really happy to see some outreach from FirstU in the city and my area in particular, I’d love to see/support more UU practice around our way, within the city limits for urbanites (maybe a little less inclined to drive to church)…

    Just some thoughts… Thanks for your efforts!

  2. Was very proud to see the representation from our church–First U had a very large contingent there, including many families with their children. I’d venture to guess First U had more people there than any other single organization. Marches are a great way to build a movement–but more action is needed–legislative, community, advocacy, anti-poverty, etc; I know our church will fulfill its obligations to take this to the next level…

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