Gun Violence, Theology, and Idolatry

Rev. Roberta Finkelstein

Rev. Roberta Finkelstein

A Sermon by Rev. Roberta Finkelstein

The Connector thought you would be interested in this sermon by Rev. Roberta Finkelstein, who will join First Unitarian Church this summer as our Developmental Minister. The sermon begins with a powerful personal story about a gun in her childhood home. It goes on to make clear that all the statistics and arguments that we have made against America’s obsession with guns will not be enough until we challenge the prevailing culture with a new theology—a much more expansive religious understanding of our relationship with each other on the planet.

The good news is that we don’t have to invent this new theology; we already have it. It’s not ours exclusively (I.e., it’s not just Unitarian Universalism), but it is alive and well in our denomination and is growing in others. Love, of course, is the basis of this theology. And UUs who can use the word “God” to enter into discourse with our fellow Americans (as Rev. Roberta does here), will find common ground with others who share our fundamental values.

Listen to the sermon

Read the sermon (pdf): Gun Violence, Theology, and Idolatry

One thought on “Gun Violence, Theology, and Idolatry

  1. Dear Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing this powerful sermon by Rev. Roberta Finkelstein. Looking forward to her arrival with even more anticipation.

    Peace and blessings, Joan

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