Saturday, May 2: The Trauma of Violence



Several members of First Unitarian are actively organizing Delaware’s Movement for a Culture of Peace (MCP), a broad coalition of faith and secular groups seeking to change the culture of violence that infects Wilmington and the entire community.

MCP will explore the effects of violence on victims, families, and communities at its regular monthly forum on Saturday, May 2. Since November, MCP has been sponsoring events on the first Saturday of each month, creating conversations that can lead to a culture of peace—replacing endemic violence with nonviolence and fostering greater respect for the worth and dignity of every person in our larger community.

This forum will address our community’s response to violence.

What is being done in Delaware to respond to the frequent crises that engulf victims, families, and local communities? What are the resources available to address the trauma of violence? Are they adequate? Wha additional resources are needed to heal the wounds and restore our communities to a culture of peace?

One thing is clear: We cannot do this alone.

MCP has assembled a panel of caring people who have been coordinating these resources. We seek to bring together the wounded community and all potential caregivers. And we want to know about the gaps in the system: How can we address the unmet needs for compassion and support? Is the law enforcement community responding appropriately? Is help getting to persons and communities who need it most?

Come to the May 2 Forum and get involved. Register here and get directions.

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