Commit2Respond: A UU Climate Initiative

Join Climate Justice Month!

Commit2Respond_graphic_1From World Water Day (March 22) to Earth Day (April 22), Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith and conscience will embark on a spiritual journey for climate justice, organized by the new climate justice initiative Commit2Respond.

Individuals, families, groups, and congregations will get faith-filled resources, engage in powerful practices throughout the month, learn together, and more. By the end of the month we will make commitments to new long-term actions that will help us collectively shift to a low carbon future, advance human rights, and grow the climate justice movement.

May the love

You can participate in Climate Justice Month:

  • by signing up as an individual, signing your group, team, or congregation on to Commit2Respond. (First Unitarian is already signed up as a congregation.)
  • by following along on Facebook or Twitter.
  • by setting aside time for reflection as an individual, a family, or a faith group, and engage with the daily messages together.
  • Worship resources are also available for World Water Day, Earth Day, and more.

Be inspired, get connected with other people of faith and conscience committed to climate justice, and commit to long-term actions that will help save our world. This is your movement. You have the power to make a difference. How will you respond?

Commit2Respond Graphic 4Commit2Respond is a joint initiative of the UUA and the UUSC.

One thought on “Commit2Respond: A UU Climate Initiative

  1. Were any of you aware that there is a hearing in Dover tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25th, on the bill to repeal the death penalty? It is mentioned in the UU Central Delaware newsletter tonight. Sorry not to give any more advance notice.


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