Register for a Free Energy Conservation Seminar—Just for Churches!

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From Lisa Locke, executive director of Delaware Interfaith Power and Light, via Elizabeth Siftar.

If you are interested, contact Elizabeth Siftar, who has graciously offered to pay the registration fee for First Unitarian members. 

You are invited to attend an Energy Conservation Seminar on Wednesday, March 18, from 8:30-11:00. Please see the flyer below.
Our special presenter is Andrew Rudin, with the Interfaith Coalition on Energy. Andy has been providing energy management consulting for over 35 years, having a special passion for sacred spaces. He has conducted energy surveys of more than 1,600 buildings and presented over 300 energy management workshops.
This will be a great opportunity for both facility managers/sextons/administrators AND facility users/departments/members to learn about energy use and conservation specific to houses of worship, including:
  • energy sources & systems
  • seeking out and identifying areas of energy loss
  • opportunities for conservation – remediation, product & appliance upgrades, behavior modifications
  • energy measurement and tracking
  • rates of return on investment
  • Also, learn about development/enhancement of a Creation Care/Stewardship Team and local community solar initiatives.

The charge is $35.00 for each house of worship represented. We are asking for reservations by March 11Special thanks to the Episcopal Church of Sts. Andrew & Matthew for opening their doors, their halls, their closets and crawl spaces for our energy enlightenment.


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