Keystone Pipeline: A Crucial Moment


Immediate Action Needed to Stop Tar Sands Disaster

Serious climate activists are against construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which will bring tar sands oil from Canada across that United States to market in the Gulf of Mexico. Some say that the atmospheric carbon cost of extracting this oil is “game over” for climate change. The emissions and energy costs from the extraction alone will tip the planetary balance. Respected climate activist Bill McKibben was arrested for protesting against the pipeline.

Some members of First Unitarian who went to New York in September for the Peoples Climate March went there in particular to express opposition to Keystone XL. Now that Congress seems ready to force the issue, it’s time for us to take to the streets again—to tip the issue against the tar sands oil, which should be left in the ground forever.

President Obama has the final say on the pipeline, no matter what Congress does. He’s in charge of the regulatory apparatus of the government and has the authority to say, “No.” He has the power to veto the bill now making its way through the new Congress.

The Sierra Club has asked that we urge the president to stand firm on this issue. Tuesday is the crucial day to do that, and Sierra Club is organizing a response. Here’s a link that tells you about Tuesday’s event.

If you cannot attend this demonstration, please contact your elected representatives to protest the pipeline. Tell them that overriding a presidential veto should not be an option. And call the White House to tell President Obama to veto the bill. Our planet depends on your action.





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