Public Vigil Sunday at Noon

Vigil on Dec. 14 to Connect the Dots Between Newtown and Wilmington

The T-shirt memorial surrounding our sign on Concord Pike is a visible reminder of First Unitarian’s commitment to peace and justice in Wilmington.

To allow members of the community to participate in the Memorial to the Lost—and to give First U members and friends an opportunity to bear public witness against violence—a public vigil will be held from noon until 2:00 on Sunday, Dec. 14, at the corner of Whitby Road and Concord Pike, connecting the dots between Newtown, Conn., and Wilmington. In the two years since 28 lives were lost in Newtown, 41 residents of Wilmington have become homicide victims.

Members of First Unitarian Church will dedicate the memorial during this Sunday’s worship service. The two-hour vigil will begin at noon along Concord Pike. Its purpose to bring greater attention to the ongoing carnage in Wilmington, which this year has tied an all-time record for homicides (27) set in 2010.

There will be signs for those who want to carry them and Standing on the Side of Love shirts for sale in parish hall during coffee hour for those who wish to wear them. (If you already have one, wear it on Sunday!)

We will be joined in the vigil by our social justice partners from Wilmington Peacekeepers, Pacem in Terris, One Village Alliance, the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence, and the Movement for a Culture of Peace. All are welcome to participate—even if you can’t stay for the full duration of the vigil.

The Newtown Action Alliance is organizing events in all 50 states to commemorate the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre—and this is Delaware’s chance to be part of that movement.

One thought on “Public Vigil Sunday at Noon

  1. I heard many positive comments about the T Shirts at an awards lunch on Tuesday hosted by Delaware Today magazine. attendees were there to honor Delaware women from the business and non profit community. I was proud to say I was from that church!

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