Will You Be on the Bus?

To Change EverythingIt’s time to decide. Will Unitarian Universalists help make this the largest march in history to demand action on climate change? Will you join the march?


We’ve set a goal of 20 people from First Unitarian Church attending the Sept. 21 People’s Climate March. Today, we learned more about the transportation and the march from Stephanie Herron of the Sierra Club Delaware Chapter, who met with a small number of interested members after church.

On Sunday, September 21:

  • The Newark bus will leave the Trabant Student Center off Main Street (pick-up in the lane between Trabant Center and parking garage) right at 8am on Sunday, 9/21.
  • The Wilmington bus will leave the People’s Settlement Association at 408 E 8th St, Wilmington, DE right at 8:30am on Sunday, 9/21.
  • The North Wilmington bus will leave the Brandywine Town Center right at 8:30am.  Meet in the area near the Christmas Tree Shop, 5450 Brandywine Pkwy, Wilmington, DE (park towards the back of the lot to avoid blocking the store parking).
  • The march will form near Columbus Circle, at the southwest corner of Central Park, and proceed downtown to 11th Avenue at 34th Street. It will end at about 4:00, and buses will leave from a pre-designated point shortly thereafter to return to Delaware.
  • There will be some food available on the bus, but marchers are urged to bring their own food and water.

We know that there’s much greater interest than was shown after church today—and great urgency in addressing this impending crisis. (Most scientists think it’s not just “impending”—but actually upon us!) Reserve your seat(s) on the bus as soon as possible at this site.

As more details become available, we’ll post them on the Connector.


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