Town Hall on Gun Violence


Our friends at the Wilmington Peacekeepers have urged us to attend tomorrow night’s Wilmington town hall on gun violence. The following announcement was posted on the city’s website. It would be great to have one or more members of First Unitarian Church at this meeting.

Mayor Dennis P. Williams, joined by Chief of Police Bobby Cummings, members of the Wilmington Police Department, and key City officials, will host a town hall meeting at P.S. DuPont Middle School to discuss public safety strategies to address gun violence on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.

The Town Hall Meetings will serve as an opportunity for the citizens of the local community to directly engage with the senior leadership of the Williams Administration and Wilmington Police Department about public safety. Chief Cummings and the police will share the strategies to reduce violent crime, such as the sector deployment and implementation of the Cease Violence Initiative.

“Public safety remains one of the top priorities of my Administration, and the police department continues to work towards making our communities safer,” said Mayor Williams. “Our officers remain committed to building relationships with City residents and community members as a way to prevent and reduce crime. Hopefully, this town hall meeting will provide an opportunity for an open conversation about reducing crime and violence in our city.”

All community members are invited and encouraged to attend the town hall.

Details on the meeting are in the Upcoming Events column of the Connector. If you go, please report on the meeting to Jeff Lott for inclusion in the next Connector posting. Take pictures!

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