Peace Week Delaware Starts Tomorrow

The fourth annual Peace Week Delaware kicks off on Saturday, Sept. 21—INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY.

More than 100 events are scheduled across the state. Connect with Peace Week at its website, where you will find the full schedule of event listed in several different formats, including a daily calendar.

Join with neighbors and friends to attend Expressions of Peace, the Peace Week Kickoff event, tomorrow afternoon at Warner Elementary School.

Peace Week Delaware will culminate on Sunday, Sept. 29, with the sixth annual March for a Culture of Peace, followed by a public meeting at which we will call for Wilmington to join the Nonviolent Cities Project. Whether of not you live in Wilmington, your support is needed to create the environment for our city to become Nonviolent Wilmington.

Don’t Look Away—Stand Up!


Let’s join our partners, Network Delaware Safe Communities Campaign and the ACLU-DE, at this vigil. Wear your Side with Love shirts!

Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps will bring thousands of Americans to detention camps across the country, into the streets and into their own front yards, to protest the inhumane conditions faced by refugees. For more information, click here

Rodney Square
Friday, July 12
7:00 – 9:15 p.m.

Facebook event information, hereLET’S MAKE THIS THE LARGEST ATTENDED VIGIL/PROTEST IN WILMINGTON! Brought to you by the Human Rights Task Force. Questions? E-mail Becky Laster at

UUs Seek Passage of HB5

Vote is Tuesday. Contact your legislator today.

As a member of the steering committee of the Unitarian Universalist Delaware Advocacy Network (UUDAN), I’ve written to my state representative to urge passage of HB5, which would reform concurrent and consecutive sentencing by providing sentencing judges with the discretion to sentence prison time concurrently when appropriate.  According to Attorney General Kathy Jennings, HB 5 would make a huge difference in the length of sentences. This bill would very significantly help achieve our goal of reducing mass incarceration in Delaware. 

You can add your voice by clicking

to join UUDAN’s letter writing campaign. It only takes a minute to support this crucial criminal justice reform.

Even if your legistlator is a “sure vote” on this bill, your support gives him or her the courage to pass other needed reforms.

One Last Chore at Elbert Palmer Elementary School

Elbert Palmer School

Teachers Must Pack Up on Short Notice

(You can help them on Saturday.)

Sometimes we have time to plan – other times we just need to act quickly!  The Elbert Palmer Elelentary School told its teachers this week that  the building will be open THIS Saturday for packing.
As the school year comes to an end, the teachers and staff at Elbert Palmer will sadly be saying goodbye to the building, which is being closed by the Christina School Districe. With that comes a lot of packing and moving of materials.
Anyone available to help out this Saturday would be greatly appreciated.
Report to the school beginning at 9:30 to lend a hand.
Elbert Palmer Elementary School
1210 Lobdell St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Human Rights Task Force Movie Night

Tomorrow! Oscar nominated documentary:

The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner


You’re invited to a screening of The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2009, which follows the passage of the pioneering Death with Dignity Act in Washington State. Delaware could join Washington as a state that allows families the opportunity for dignity and compassion as part of their end-of-life decisions. The Delaware House Health and Human Development Committee is considering an End of Life Options Act this spring.  Come see the movie, learn about the Delaware bill, and join in a discussion.

Friday, May 10:  7:00 – 9:00pm
Brunner Chapel

First Unitarian Church
730 Halstead Road
Wilmington 19803

(Park in the back parking lot)

Brought to you by the First Unitarian Human Rights Task Force, the UU Delaware Advocacy Network, and Compassion and Choices.